Single Order Source (SOS)

Single Order Source (SOS)


What Is Single Order Source (SOS)™

A Single Order Source arrangement provides the following extensive advantages:

  1. Immediate savings on computer generated orders as each order raised carries a charge if ordering from different suppliers.
  2. Reduces stock holding, which in turn releases financial resources for use in other areas.
  3. Due to the range of products available, you are able to make savings on delivery costs.
  4. Cuts down supplier base.
  5. Enables a closer monitoring of monthly expenditure.
  6. Consolidated invoicing which is time efficient for purchasing.
  7. Creates a more productive understanding between customer and supplier as information is exchanged on a regular basis.
  8. Needs are identified and resolved more efficiently.
  9. Research shows that this benefits the customer for it shifts the supplier towards a more proactive approach including a self imposed pressure to exceed expectations. (Beyond Partnership-Richard Lamming).

To arrange for an S.O.S. agreement we ask that we be given the opportunity to quote for all your consumable requirements. Should you wish to favour us as your sole supplier please contact our S.O.S. team. It’s that simple. We will need a full list of your product requirements, which will be priced accordingly. Once we have your go-ahead you will enjoy all the benefits and discounts applicable to this innovative way of purchasing. 

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